Saturday, April 15, 2017

Clear to Negotiate

The cool thing about vision boards is that you get vividly clear about exactly what you want.
This is handy when you are negotiating with an individual, organization or the Universe.

Negotiation is any communication in which you are attempting to achieve...
...the approval
...the acquiescence (the reluctant acceptance of something without protest)
...or the action of someone else.

Negotiation has been described as a conversation in which positions are stated in order to find one that everyone can accept (think, "I can live with that.").

Some posit that you are unlikely to get everything that you want so prioritize, that is, know what is more important and what is less important. In this way, it is easier to choose which outcomes to give up in order to achieve the more important ones.

Now this is important: Know your Limit.
What would be the worst possible offer made by the other side that would still be acceptable to you?
When the other side in a negotiation offers less than your limit and sticks to that as the final offer, you know that it is better to walk away than to accept the offer.
Decide on your limit before beginning to negotiate.
All I gotta do is glance at my vision board to know what this is.
Keep walking away from the table until the right offer shows up.
It will show up and you will know it when it does because it will match the vivid and detailed picture of the brighter future you have been conjuring up with your vision board.

Have fun visioning and negotiating.

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