Thursday, March 21, 2013

Latino Parenting for Resilience

"In terms of adaptive cultures in Latino immigrant families, researchers have focused on the protective qualities of respeto and familismo

Respeto, or respect, refers to the importance of teaching children the proper level of courtesy and decorum required in various social contexts with people of a particular age, sex and social status.

Familismo, or familism, refers to "feelings of loyalty, reciprocity, and solidarity towards members of the family, as well as the notion of the family as an extension of self."

Both have been associated with improvements in the physical health, emotional health, and educational well-being of adolescent Latinos."
Perreira, Chapman & Stein, 2006
Becoming an American Parent:  Overcoming Challenges and Finding Strength in a New Immigrant Latino Community
Journal of Family Issues, 27(10), 1383-1414.

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